He Will Heal You

Being a month from 19, I still consider myself to be little more than a child. And, like a child, I won’t stop asking questions until I find satisfactory answers. I am sure that I am not alone in my queries of: What is going on in my life? Why am I where I am? Where am I going? Such questions lead down a rabbit hole.

As I’ve been pondering my current life situation, I’ve come to realize that I have what could medically be referred to as an “issue of blood”. I might be stretching for an analogy a bit (or a lot haha), but that’s what the Spirit spoke to my heart, so we’ll go with it. Piecing that together has calmed me and touched my heart. All kinds of thoughts have raced through my mind. My very first impression was wow! there’s a story just for me…it’s almost like somebody knew that at some point I would need and seek comfort for the very problem that I have (How amazing is that??). It feels like a real testament of my divine nature. He really thinks and plans for each one of us individually.

As I have thought about it a little bit more, I was found myself on LDS.org, where I ran across a wonderful talk by Anne C. Pingree from the 2006 October General Conference . You can read it here. I just love what she has to say about having faith in the Savior,

“I love the symbolism of women reaching out to touch the Savior. We long to be close to the Lord, for we know that He loves each of us and desires to encircle us “eternally in the arms of his love.”1 His touch can heal ailments spiritual, emotional, or physical.” -Anne C. Pingree 

Boom. This is exactly what I needed to hear, and I think what we all need to hear.

The Atonement is all-encompassing. It doesn’t matter what we’re facing. Christ has already been there. We don’t have to feel alone, even for a second. I’ve thought about everything in my life that requires healing– which basically adds up to  exactly everything.  At that moment, I felt in my heart the words, “Annie, all you have to do is reach out and I will heal you.

That’s absolutely knock-your-socks-off powerfully amazing. I have no excuse to not be jumping around for joy — at least inside of my heart. And I am! Even though I’m still 100% human and I still am not totally faithful or totally okay, my heart wants to be and is trying to get to that point every single day. No matter what trials we are facing in our lives, big or small, he has promised each of us-individually- that he will heal us. I’m so grateful that because of him, I can have hope that tomorrow is one more step towards exquisite happiness and peace, which will grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day. I hope to snowball my way to my Savior’s arms! God is real, his love and compassion is real, and the evidence of that love is very real and tangible, and much greater than any other love we have or will ever experience.



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